Audio Visual Artist: Guy Lewis

Weapon of Voice: electronic music and animated slow-bake storyline

A cyberpunk world in the near future where people hide from the harsh climate within the streets and towers of the city. Corporate control is complete but who controls the corporates?

Growing an audience via long form video productions of animated city scenes with atmospherics including rain and city sounds. 

The music is mainly EDM / IDM / Ambient with a leaning towards synthwave. 

Radio Gaia

A new relaxation concept that recognises relaxation is more than just striking visuals and beautiful music. Hoping to launch in 2024. 

Ambient Music Garden

Back in the day! Launched around 2007, Ambient Music Garden was a licensed music download site which quickly became a popular way for businesses to get a license and the music media to use with their own commercial productions. Eventually Ambient Music Garden distributed to all the major spa franchises in the USA. A few of the 1500 tracks produced in house are now available via music streaming platforms and some of the artists involved in the original licensing have gone on to do more exciting things in their careers. 

Analogue Recall

A Nostalgic project focusing on sources for analogue content to form audio visual musical pieces.